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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Giveaway Items, Gift Item, Homemade Christmas

Deck the Halls
with Mounds of Catnip!

Well, its been awhile since I've posted but I have enjoyed visiting all of your blogs with pictures of your holiday decorating and holiday activities. Honestly, some of you make my head spin (but in a good way!!)!  I am keeping it very simple this year because: #1 - simple is good; #2 - don't have as much time this year to put into decorating; #3 - my fibromyalgia is acting up so I only have so much energy and it needs to be divided up between work, home, and other things. If you're up to spending a few minutes with me, I will show you some of my decorations, kitties, and the giveaway items I won from Debbie at Woolen Sails!
First a few pictures of my kitties. The first picture is Louie and my son-in-law having some bonding time. Louie has decided that he really, really likes our Ben
Next here are the wonderful Items I received from Debbie at Woolen Sails.  I've used museum sticky tape to stick her little quilt up on one of my cupboards.  The little pillow is nesting in a grain scoop next to one of my reproduction lead kitty banks, and with the red wool and green pre-cut wool pennies she gave me, I am going to make up a little Christmas penny rug for myself which I am also going to stitch the Christmas stitchery to.
I've also done a few other stitchery pieces.  One I will finish into a little tuck pillow for a shelf or dough bowl and the other I will be taking to Hobby Lobby to have them put into this old rustic frame I found.
Now for some photos of my simple Holiday decorating. Most are in natural light and a few are taken without a flash.  They are very simple as I said this year. But at night with all the other lights out and just the twinkle lights on it is still enough to give my home a little Christmas spirit! First photos are of my kitchen.  Please notice the little feather tree that was given to me by Valerie at the Wooden Acorn! The little kitty ornie buttons on the tree are my own design and the other ornies I picked up new for $1.49 at a local thrift store.
I also wanted to share a little picture of myself in 1960 posing with St. Nicholas from when my family and I lived in Italy.  Inside the little bag that Santa gave me were some chocolates and hard candy.  Notice how skinny Santa is! The next pictures is a caricature of my husband as Santa drawn by his old army buddy. I love the cigar!
Well I hope you are all going to have a very Merry Christmas and Catmas! Thanks for stopping by to visit. Hope to blog again soon! .... But maybe just a little catnap first. ;D


  1. Well, you are way ahead of me! Your house looks very warm and Christmasy. The cats will have a great time :-) Hope you are feeling better soon and can enjoy some wonderful times celebrating the Christmas season. Congrats on the great gifts from the other bloggers. Love the feather tree as I'm sure Nicky does too :-)

  2. Looks like you got a lot of festive touches for being simple.Love your old spice/apothecary cupboard,it's exactly what I have been hunting for over 2 years with no luck.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I love your decorating, and your fireplace is just awesome! I am having a give away, come
    on over and check it out.

    Bear Hugs~Karen


  4. oh I so loved seeing all of your babies..I see where you get your inspuuurrration..they are beautiful kids..I love the penny rug ornaments..that is genious..and I love the picture of you with Santa in italy..were you born and raised there? what part of italy was it..we lived in Naples in 19-2001 with the you know about the buofana witch in january?

  5. Your home and decorations are delightful! The tree at night by the fireplace really glows. All so pretty! OHH, the comforts of home. Just love it and thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

    BTW: Your simple is very detailed(in a good way of course)....LOL....just have to give you a hard time you know. :-)

    Take care of yourself. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I have really enjoyed seeing all your is simple and lovely at the same time!

  7. Your 'simple' little decorating looks totaly lovely


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