Four or Five ... So Who is Counting

After we adopted Oscar, we thought, okay, "Cat Haven" is full. We just cannot take in any more cats. Until ... one summer day in 2005 my husband came home from farm chores with a little surprise. He says isn't she cute, but she's starving, her mother is no where to be found. So welcome Sachi! We didn't intend to keep her, just get her healthy and then adopt her out, but once a cat enters Cat Haven it is really, really hard for us to part with them.  Sachi was really tiny when she came to live with us and was clearly starving to death but has grown up to be a beautiful, if somewhat cross-eyed, kitty. You see, she is part tabby and part Siamese and no, I haven't a clue where a Siamese cat came from out in the middle of rural Iowa (just passing through, I guess). She is somewhat petite, with luxurious fur, beautiful markings, and blue eyes.  Sachi's only bane is being picked up. That is a no-no. Her favorite things in the world are sitting up high and sitting on your lap. This is Sachi sticking her tongue out a me because she is not supposed to be sitting where she is sitting because to get there she has to travel over the piano keys. Sachi also plays fetch ... yep, you throw her fuzzy ball and she brings it right back to you!  Who knew a cat could (or want to) play fetch ... without being trained.  So now we are up to 5 five cats or as we sometimes tell our friends, they are the equivalent of 1 1/2 large dogs!


  1. Sachi is beautiful! Don't worry about having five cats in Cat Haven. I have at least 7 (I don't reveal the real number LOL)and when one is in need, such as the little feral stray I took in last week, it gets to come and be fed and loved. I've finally resigned myself to embracing the thought that some of us are put on this earth to care for cats. Love your blog.

  2. Thank you, Kady! I am so glad you are another "cat rescurer!" Aren't they just the sweetest creatures! Stay tuned ... you haven't met all my kitties yet! :)


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