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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today, in honor of Memorial Day, I want to share with you a little item from my home.  I was lucky enough to be able to purchase it at a flea market several years ago.  It is one of the original lithographs made of  Fred Tripp's original oil painting called "Our Flag." It came to me already framed with the original letter from McCleary Hospital in Excelsior Springs, Missouri that was sent out to former patients with the lithograph in 1940.  I am so very proud to have a part of original American history in my home. I hope you enjoy the photos and the information about the painting.

The Story of a Famous Painting
"Softly draped with folds unstirred by even so much as a breath of summer breeze. Old Glory, OUR FLAG, the flag of destiny, rests, waiting! It symbolizes the soul of America, standing in silent prayer before the Father of Light, receiving His guidance and protection through another perilous journey. It is the morning prayer of the American people, the prayer that arms them to the problems of the day with courage and cheer. Before it, America stands in reverence, realizing her sacred duty to mankind and her glorious destiny." In 1940, when the world was in a turmoil, Fred Tripp of Beloit, Wisconsin, was 71 years of age. He looked out his hospital window at McCleary Hospital in Excelsior Springs, Missouri and was inspired by the flag flying atop the post office across the street. Mr. Tripp never in his life had a painting lesson, yet he produced a masterpiece, an inspiring, compelling expression on canvas of what he felt in his heart and soul about the Flag of his Country. He presented this six foot oil painting to the hospital.

Motivated by the spirit of patriotism that was sweeping the country in 1940, McCleary Memorial Hospital produced full color lithograph reproductions and presented one to each of their many former patients all over the United States. Its distribution had reached the 200,000 mark when World War II broke out. With the outbreak of war, the demand for the picture increased beyond the Hospital's capacity to reproduce it so its distribution was turned over to a commercial enterprise. Since that time, it has become the most widely distributed flag picture in the United States, with copies hanging in many Washington congressional offices, the office of Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, as well as in homes all across the country.

Please take a minute and consider flying your flag in honor of your freedom and the men and women who have sacrificed and are sacrificing their lives so that we may continue to have the privilege to do so. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day from Cat Haven Cats and all my moggies!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kezzie Doing Well!

Hi All! Its a dreary, muggy afternoon here in Eastern Iowa but on the plus side I wanted to let you know that Kezzie seems to be having a good day today. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes you sent his way.

While wandering around blogland today I found another artist who I think does the most fantastic work making kitty dolls! Her blog is anotherlinda. Stop by and visit her blog today if you have time.  Here is a picture of one of her kitty dolls! Isn't she fantastic!

I also had some time last evening to sticth up a little bit of whimsy based on a hooked rug pattern from Nola's Hooked Rugs.  Although, I don't profess to have need to have a pet skunk, this little pattern just stuck my fancy (its also currently listed on eBay along with a few other new crafty items). Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and happen upon all sorts of exciting fun things.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Nice Sunday Drive But Have a Sick Kitty

I hope you all had a very lovely weekend. Hubby and I decided on Sunday to go for a drive since life always gets hectic in the spring with full time jobs and his "other" job of planting 120 acres of corn and beans (which means I don't get to see him very much since our farm is about 1 hour from our house). I would have actually taken some pictures if I had remembered to charge the battery in my camera before we left. We took a favorite drive up to NE Iowa to a little place called MacGregor (if your interested in its history click this link - Its a quaint little town along the Mississippi and has a few good places to eat, beautiful scenery and lovely antique shops. It gave us a chance to reconnect and talk about our retirement plans which seem to be changing (at least where we want to live after we retire from our jobs and leave Iowa City). We had a fun and relaxing day but didn't come home with any great antique finds (maybe we weren't in the mood).

Also, this weekend our 8 year old black kitty, Kezzie, came down with a acute attack of FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) which required a trip to the local emergency vet's. They were able to remove the blockage and flush his bladder. He is on antibiotics and pain killers and seems to be tolerating things okay, but I think me may have another blockage forming so he may have to go back to the vet's tomorrow --- keep some happy thoughts for Kezzie will you! For more information on FLUTD click on this link -

Hope you all have a fun filled day crafting!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Primitive (first) skills are our shared inheritance. It is the shared thread which links us to our prehistory and binds us together as human beings." ~ Steve Watts
Hello out there! This week has just flown by and I've only just scratched a few items off my "to do" list. I did get a lot of my yard work done but now its time to mow again and its raining! I know many of you out there are animal lovers and rescuers and when I saw these darling printables I thought of you all! (P.S., If you are a legitimate animal rescue organization, MoonlightJourney will donate this sheet to you free of charge.) I've posted the link on my sidebar if you are interested! I've also managed to get a few "crafties" finished and they are listed on my eBay selling site if you are interested.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Little Early, But Happy Weekend!

I am signing off for the weekend today! I have quite a bit of house and yard work to get too, so I won't be at the computer for a few days. I thought I would leave you with a little happy thought!
Recipe For Happiness
2 Heaping cups of patience
1 Heart full of love
2 Hands full of generosity
Dash of laughter
1 Head full of understanding
Several kitties
Sprinkle generously with kindness
Add plenty of faith and mix well.
Spread over a period of a lifetime
And serve everyone you meet.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few Finished Items

"Blessed are the piecemakers!"
Today I just have a few finished items to show you. They are all listed on my eBay site. I am thinking about sewing up quite a few of the basket pin keeps in different color combinations that I saw in an original basket quilt.

Also, here is a little thought for you today about baskets -- "In all cultures, the basket is a daily presence in a women's life. Light willow constructions, white oak egg baskets, schnitz baskets to hold Pennsylvania's store of dried apples or feathers—all were filled and emptied and refilled in the eternal repetition of housewife's duties." Sandi Fox

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The Vintage Workshop is having a blog contest and two prize packs will be awareded to randomly selected blog readers! The first set includes a garden seed pack apron, seed packet tote bag, and a seed packet pillow among other things and the second set includes a strawberry apron, seed packet purse and other items. Click on the link below for information on how to enter! Also, if you post a link to their contest on your blog they will send you a Garden Stitchery Card Set worth $50 free of charge! What great news to start the morning with!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Neighborly Welcome

I am in awe of all you crafty ladies who quilt! I tell myself "someday" and I really mean it. It's on my "when I retire" to-do list. Not being an active quilter doesn't stop me from looking at all the wonderful quilt patterns out there, though. Today I came across a lovely, prim example of a log cabin quilt that's called "Neighborly Welcome" and is the perfect size for a throw or a large wall quilt. It's a free pattern available from I love the prim, warm fabirc used in this quilt that are from Jo’s Jamestown collection by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics. You can download the free pattern at

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gina, This One's for You!

Just wanted to share with you the little kitty I made for Gina over at Cat Nap Inn Primitives (she and I are doing a little bartering -- she is making me a bib for my niece's new little baby boy, Finn). Gina, I hope you like her!

I am also finishing up another Fiona that will be up for auction on my eBay selling site in a day or two. Fiona is my own, copyrighted pattern. I have previously made Fiona using tan Scottish wool, too.

Hi All! I hope you all had a spectacular Mother's Day! Today I wanted to pass along a 25% savings for any one item you order through The Quilted Crow (see side bar at left). I am ordering the craft book "Summer Gatherings." It is filled with some great woolen patterns! Can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


If you sometimes worry about what pesticides, etc. are in the cat nip mice you purchase for your little furry babies, check out these handmade little guys from Crow's Nest. I've ordered one myself today for my little moggies (they will have to share it). I am also thinking about purchasing one of her handmade beeskeps! I love them and can't find a real handmade one any where local.  Take care and enjoy the day.


Now this would be a great idea in a one cat household!!! I came across this tip in Woman's World - the article says "after enjoying a cup of tea, let the tea bags dry out. Once dry, cut open the bag and mix the contents into the kitty litter. The tea helps neutralize any odors."  I guess it would be economical, too, if you brewed alot of tea!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Good Morning Ladies (and Gents, too!) I hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend filled with crafting and, my favorite, garage sales and auctions. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do either as the weekend was over before I knew it! It did manage one very cute vintage find of 4 crochetted doll dresses and I finished a little pincushion from a Cottage Creek Quilts pattern. Cottage Creek Quilts have several Wool Pincushion patterns for sale.  I love them all and they have always been great ebay items.  Here is a look at a few of their patterns. One place where I found you can order them all is at Dakota Cabin Quilts