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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In celebration of spring and because I'm a just thrilled to have won a giveaway, I am starting all my eBay listings today at a low auction starting bid of 99 cents! (I've listed these four litte wool pillows.) Thanks for stopping by to look and remember to hug your cat today! (BTW, if you would like a hand-drawn pattern (emailed) of the cat or crow pillows I would be glad to send my bloggers one for their own use!).


  1. I am heading to ebay right now..I love these pillows..I still need your address to send your baby bib too..I also found some vintage looking owls to embroider on your yellow bib...on to the rules for bingo..I choose a bunch of words they can choose..they need to be followers and they need to email you their words so you can keep them honest..they need to email you when they get bingo and then you can see from their list if they have it..give a cut off date to sign up and then give out 2 words each day..I love your giveaway will look so good in your home...:) have a wonderful tuesday.;)

  2. Hi Gina,
    Its been pretty busy here lately! I promise to cut out the wool for your kitty by this weekend (we are planting corn, painting the inside of the house and trying to get the outside lawn looking good for the summer and I also work full time)! Whew, I'm worn out just listing this! I might have to go to my wool shop to get some blue wool -- my stash is very low and I don't have anything that looks real good for the watering can against black wool! I'll send you a picture on Monday of my wool choices for your kitty and you can let me know what you think! Sendin smiles!

  3. Well, I'm back from Ebay and I put my starting bids in. I hope I win the crow :-) I would love to have the emailed drawing of the cat and crow. Lovely work! Hope your auction has great success!

  4. Hi Loris,
    I'll draw up a template tonight, take a photo and then send it on to you, then you can adjust the size as you want! Thanks for your bids and best of luck!.

  5. Those are the cutest pillows ever! Of course, anything that has cats on it instantly catches my eye. Love them!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog thanks to Pinterest. I love it. I would also love to hve a copy of your cat pillow if still possible, I just love all your pillows!

  7. Oh gosh, I just stumbled across your blog coming from Pinterest and I just adore your work! Fell completely in love with the cat pillows (the big black head one and the kitty-happily-jumping one too). Could I please have a copy of the pattern, since you so generously offered? E-mail addy would be:

    Thank you so much in advance,must go and have a more in depth look at all the things you make! Have a lovely Sunday!

  8. I absolutely love your kitty pillow. My daughter has a black cat named Leela and this would be perfect for her. I would love to get your pattern if it is still available!! You do amazing work. Love your projects!

    1. Opps forgot my email address,

  9. I would love an email pattern for the black and white cat pillow pattern!

  10. Do you still have the pattern for the black and white cat pillow?


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