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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


If you sometimes worry about what pesticides, etc. are in the cat nip mice you purchase for your little furry babies, check out these handmade little guys from Crow's Nest. I've ordered one myself today for my little moggies (they will have to share it). I am also thinking about purchasing one of her handmade beeskeps! I love them and can't find a real handmade one any where local.  Take care and enjoy the day.


  1. I love the beeskeps! The link isn't working for me though. Can you tell me the addy for Crow's Nest?

  2. Hey there the link isn't working for me either..:(

  3. I grow my own catnip....the problem is that the cats lay all over it, eat it, and bring it through the cat door.

  4. Sorry about the link not working! Here are the links to her blog and her Esty site. Happy Browsing everyone.

  5. My furry babies would love those catnip mice. They have lots of toys but always love something new.


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