Kitty Pins by Another Linda

If you get some time, head on over to AnotherLinda' blog. She is selling these adorable kitty pins and she has such a talent for whimsy!

I hope you are all doing well today. It is a bit cool here in east central Iowa. What a relief after quite a few days of high dew points and high temperatures. I might be able to mow my lawn this afternoon without the neighbors having to call 911! I don't have much to report craft-wise today as the weekend was full of Memorial Day activities and my hubby's 40th High School Reunion (I kept thinking I can't look this old! :) ).  Rather disappointing sales on eBay this past week, but with the economy and the holiday, I'm not surprised. Has anyone else noticed that their sales have fallen off a little in the past year or so? I'd love to hear your take on things.  Well, lunch time is over and its back to ensuring chemical safety for the university!


  1. Hello! Thank you for being so kind as to advertize my crafts! Sales are actually picking up a bit for me but about 2 months ago were quite low. I am real new to this blog thing and still don't know how to promote items and add their pictures as you have done for me. As soon as one of my children comes up to Oregon I'm sure they will help me out! Take care! Linda

  2. love those whimsical kittys..will have to check those sells have been horrible for a year on line and this past month and a half have been better then the whole of last year..but still slow..working on the last item and then your package is going out hopefully today:) sorry it has been so late.:)

  3. May is always my worst month for the year and January is the best! Sales are harder since the economy has been an issue. I find people will buy items like my patterns(which are less expensive) than some of my other items. I guess people can rationalize spending under 10...but have to think harder on higher items. I do this full time.
    Cute pins!!!

  4. Hi There! Thanks for entering the giveaway featured on my blog and also putting it on your're so generous to let others in on it!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the fusible web advice! I can't wait to get started. Yea, I actually have time to dabble in new hobbies now because ebay and bonanzle have been pretty disappointing. It goes in week is fair and the next poor......not having good weeks like I used to though. I think it is because of the things ebay has done. So many sellers have left ebay and they were also the buyers! Now everyone is spread out on their own websites and other auction type sites. Cathy


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