Nothing But Blue Skies

That song has been going around in my head all morning.  Although, I'm not really a CW fan, I have to admit I do like Willy Nelson.  We've really had our share of "gray" skies here in the midwest all summer. This is what it looked like recently (looking north where the rich people live {not me}) from my back porch. You can see the storm front moving in (again!). 

I have been working lately on getting my home ready for my daughter and her hubby to stay with us for a few months this winter (my little girl is expecting her first baby and we are over the moon)! They will be moving back to the midwest from Oregon.  She and hubby are hoping to go back to school.  Molly has been working in theater for the past several years and would like to get her master's degree.  I can't wait.  It's been so long since she has actually been home for Christmas!!!! So, I am painting rooms, moving my sewing area up to a our small computer room (major project), and getting the lower level ready for them (along with help from hubby and my mom and dad). And, yes, I actually did find time to sew last evening and actually have a few items listed on eBay.  I've also cut out the wool for my first "Old Salem" of the season!!! Well, hope you all are doing well and your little furry angels are behaving (or if not, at least keeping you entertained!).


  1. oh I am so loving the things you are making..I am so happy for you and your 1st grandbaby..what a special time and to be together for the holidays is icing on the cake.:)

  2. Love the pumpkin pillow and the bee skep on Ebay. Hope the fixin' up goes smooth. How fun that you'll be able to see your new grandbaby soon upon arrival!


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