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Monday, September 13, 2010

Please Meet Kitty #6 and Kitty #7

I always debate on telling people how many kitties I have, but you are all friends and I know you'll understand that I just can't resist a sad kitty story.  So please meet Nicky, kitty #6.  I found little Nicky as an abandoned kitten right before Christmas four years ago.  He is a very sweet little boy whose best friend is Oscar (our very large puma, er, tiger cat).  Nicky would also like Ms. B to be his girlfriend but she's having none of it! Here is Nicky lounging on the patio posing with my scat cat pillows! Isn't he handsome!  Nicky also plays fetch and is the only cat that always comes when you call his name. I figured when we got Nicky we would have a full house so to speak, but last October, Louis (aka, Lou C Fur, King Louie, Luigi) came to live with us (as I said I'm a softee!). Louie also started out life as a rescue cat with part of his tail missing and with one of his ears broken.  As you can see he is very regal and his ear has healed up, but his tail, though fluffy, is kinda short.  Louie has claimed me a his human and sleeps on my shoulder every night.  Louie also gives kisses and has his own water bowl and crumchy bowl (of course!).  This is a picture of Louie sitting on "his" stove.  He is one gorgeous cat! Here is a picture of my autumn porch with Oscar, Ms. B, Nicky, and Louie enjoying the fresh air. 
I also want to share with you some of the things I've just listed on my eBay site that I worked on this past weekend.  In case you didn't know, all my stitching is done by hand - I don't use a machine to stitch any part of my woolies.

Well, Ms. B is doing her rain dance and I guess we are in for quite a storm tonight ... if I survive, I'll see you (or at least read your blogs) tomorrow! Good Night and sleep well!


  1. so you have 7 kittys? I do too..:) your kittys are your fall porch and love the things you have been making..out of the 13 cats we have owned..6 were ones we chose the other 7 were strays and needed a home.;) have a wonderful week.;)

  2. Cats are like potato can't have just one! Oh Louie looks very regal sitting on the he's surveying his subjects!


  3. Kittys are so beautiful !!! I love the stitching !!! So Cute!

  4. When I see those pictures I want to say "here kitty, kitty!". I love those little cat w/pumpkin pillows that Nicky, kitty #6 is sitting with.

  5. I think 7 is a good number...especially with a wonderful mom such as yourself. You deserve all that cat love and attitude :-) The porch you have for them is awesome. Looks very inviting and cheerful. Love your new pillows!

  6. Beautiful Kitties. They look like they love being with you! Carolyn :)


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