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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shopping for Christmas!

This morning I recieved a little email from Erica's Craft and Sewing Center.  In it was a coupon for a 20% discount and so I couldn't resist browing the site!  I wanted to share with you all what I bought and also let you in on the discount.  The coupon code is COMEBACKOCT if you decide to purchase anything at Erica's! The link will take you to Erica's wool and woolfelt department.  I can't wait to get started on these. My only regret is that it's about time to stop making Halloween crafties! Next year I think I will start to work on Halloween patterns in July - I love the colors and patterns so much, I could stitch Halloween goodies all year long!

Image - Pattern Front
Image - Pattern Front
Image - Pattern Front
Image - Package Front

I also finished a penny rug last night called "Cats and Jacks" that was designed by Cath's Pennies!. It turned out so nice (in my humble opinion). I used the tan wool I coffee stained using Cath's recipe and the pumpkins were cut from some wool that I hand-dyed.  It's hard to see in the picture, but the orange wool is mottled.  Please visit Cath's blog to see more of her wonderful patterns. She has some adorable patterns for Christmas/Winter. She also has great tutorials, too!

I think I told you all that my daughter and her hubby are home from Oregon and staying with us awhile.  She has finally gotten over severe morning sickness and is doing well.  Baby boy is doing really well.  However, Molly and hubby have two cats, so we now have a houseful!! One of their boys is a young black cat named "Hex" (or as I call him catzilla) and the other is a senior gray cat with one eye called "Yar" (get it? Think pirate and eye patch).  We are having a slight problem with territorial marking (not sure who is doing it) so I think I am going to go over to PetCo and buy some Feliway. I've used it before and it does work. So hopefully it will again.  My last resort would be to cage the offenders when we are not at home but I don't really like that idea!  Hey Kady, any suggestions????

Well, I must get back to work to earn kitty kibble money, so I wish you all a very happy Tuesday and alot of time to do what we love to do - stitching!!!


  1. I love your mats!! Especially the one that looks like stained glass! Beautiful!


  2. Hey there Laurie, I love those penny rugs and I love love love the one you made..are you putting it up on the auction block? also about your cats marking..since these are new cats coming may always have a problem with marking..we have used the feliway and it never worked..we had cats in italy that never marked..but the minute we got back to the states into our home because of our previous cats and the renters cats..2 of our boys started marking the on occasion..but Stanley will do it all over the house any chance he he is supervised on our lap or out he goes..because the instant he is let down off our laps..he is wizzing every where..

  3. I just placed my order with Ericas..going to give this old done by hand thing a try..ordered 2 patterns and one kit and some wool felt squares..and yours will come in handy too:>)

  4. Your new creations are lovely! And thanks for the link to Erica's. That is a great online store. I have question for you as I have just begun to do a wool applique you use much wool felt? Or is it usually plain wool. The wool felt I have seems a little stiff and I'm not sure where it would work well. I bought it years ago at a quilt store.
    Also, will really be interested in your results with the Feliway..we have one spot that seems to be getting hit.

  5. Your penny rug is great. I haven't made a penny rug in a while. I love the kitties but hate the pee. I have one old cat and I will not add any at this point. Great blog.


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