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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

And Then Came Two ...

Well, we started out only really, really wanting one indoor cat and Harry was just the ticket. But then one day in walks my husband with a little white ball of fur in his pocket. "This little guy fell from the hay loft and I can't find his mother." So what are we to do? Now really, we can't let him starve or worse. So he becomes our second indoor cat to join Cat Haven in less than two years.  What to call him? Well, at first we thought "Velcro" because he had a habit of riding around stuck to one of our pant legs.  But I guess because he lost his mom so young he was a bit nervous all the time, so the name Fidget stuck. 

Now, Fidget was handsome in a poofy kind of way and had a spectacular tail ... he was a long-haired white cat with gray Turkish Van markings and like most Turkish Van cats loved water. Enough to climb into the bath tub. But how a Turkish Van cat might have ended up in rural Iowa, I have no clue. So now we have Harry and Fidget who became best of friends.  And all was well in Cat Haven and all accomodations full , at least for a while .....

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