Is Three a Crowd?

This is how we came to have cat #3.  When we moved from the university farm we brought along some kittens to adopt out.  They were all siblings and most were calicos.  These tend to be very fiesty little girls in general. We found homes here and there and one little gal who would be named Rudabegah went to live with a coworker of mine on her farm and lived to the ripe old age of 19!!!

Well over time all  the kittens were adopted out except the little runt. So (have you already guessed?), she became a part of our family. We called her Jessie (but her offical name was Jessie Jane because she would steal anything bright and shiney). She was a very petite little calico gal with huge green eyes who never weighed over 7 pounds her entire life.  She became the queen of the horde and loved to snuggle with Harry and Fidget. She instantly claimed as hers the prime sleeping spot - on the pillow above my head (which really worked out well on cold Iowa nights!).  She was a fantastic mouser and jumper and she made us smile for all of her 13 years.

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