Oscar is a Very Large Boy

If you are counting, we are now up to 4 cats in the house - Jessie, Kezl, Fidget, and Lily. This is about 2005 and all cat baskets are full. Then we get an SOS! "Can you take my cat? I know you will love him and I just can't take him to an animal shelter." This is how Oscar arrived at our house (so what's one more cat????). Oscar was only six months old and we thought "cute, small, tabby kitten." What we got was "cute, jumbo, tabby kitten." Oscar was huge -- part cat and part puma, I think. Within minutes he and Kezl became fast friends, I've never seen anything quite like this immediate bonding before. Oscar was added to the household of cats with minimal hissing and fussing. But he is so huge --  he is not fat; just really large.  He is a very handsome cat and is one of our horde that has "outside" priviliges when I am in the yard with them.  Here is a picture of Oscar taken last summer in his "No, I am not eating the potato vine" pose.  One note about declawing: Oscar came to us with all paws declawed. It is very hard for him and he develops calluses on his back toes.  Please think twice before you ever declaw your cats back paws!!!

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