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Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Lace and Shamrocks

Every so often I drive out to a local auction house in hopes that I will come home with one or two vintage treasures. Recently I had a fantastic find. A huge basket full of vintage lace that already had it own "aged" patina! I was just sure that I wouldn't be able to afford its final auction price but was happily amazed when I won it with a bid of less than $20!!! What a great stash I now have of vintage lace. I know I will be using it for crafting, but I may sell some on eBay (I just haven't decided yet).   I always  love going to this particular auction because there are always great deals. Unfortunately, I am tied up with taking a computer drafting class on Saturdays until the middle of April! I don't want to even think of what I missing!

The pictures below show a few little items I made and just sold on eBay that are my own designs. I used some of the vintage lace, a scrap of an old seed sack (I also obtained at the auction some time ago), some vintage buttons, and some wool from my stash.

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