A Few Finished Items

"Blessed are the piecemakers!"
Today I just have a few finished items to show you. They are all listed on my eBay site. I am thinking about sewing up quite a few of the basket pin keeps in different color combinations that I saw in an original basket quilt.

Also, here is a little thought for you today about baskets -- "In all cultures, the basket is a daily presence in a women's life. Light willow constructions, white oak egg baskets, schnitz baskets to hold Pennsylvania's store of dried apples or feathers—all were filled and emptied and refilled in the eternal repetition of housewife's duties." Sandi Fox


  1. Oh I am so loving your work...you do the best stitches ever..I love them all..:)I can't wait to get my kitty.;)

  2. Beautiful! I'm heading to Ebay again :-)

  3. As usual, your handmades are wonderful. Love them all! Great job.

  4. Hawt dawg, I won :-)
    Can't wait for that beautiful little pillow to arrive! It is going to be a great gift for my friend.

  5. Lovely ~ you are so talented!

    Thanks for sharing the thought on baskets too! I love baskets :)



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