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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Little Early, But Happy Weekend!

I am signing off for the weekend today! I have quite a bit of house and yard work to get too, so I won't be at the computer for a few days. I thought I would leave you with a little happy thought!
Recipe For Happiness
2 Heaping cups of patience
1 Heart full of love
2 Hands full of generosity
Dash of laughter
1 Head full of understanding
Several kitties
Sprinkle generously with kindness
Add plenty of faith and mix well.
Spread over a period of a lifetime
And serve everyone you meet.


  1. Well guess what came in the mail for me today..I am in love and will be blogging my sweet kitty tomorrow..hubby liked her too...and you know guys..they could care less..I will be working on your stuff this weekend too...Thank you so much for this wonderful kitty..she is beautiful..and I love the attention to how soft and huggable she is...have a fantastic weekend too...we just did 3 yards of bark in the yard..looks so much yard work is done with the exception of mowing this weekend...everything is starting to stiffen getting old..I hate it..:)

  2. Love your recipe for happiness, and that you added "several kitties" to the recipe. LOL By all rights I should be extremely happy since I have so many kitties in my recipe. Thanks!

  3. Love your work and your blog! :) I've become a follower!



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