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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Morning All!

If we treated everyone we meet with the same affection we bestow upon our favorite cat, they, too, would purr. - Martin Buxbaum
Well, my project at work is starting to wind up! So I have a bit more free time until the next big project starts in mid-September. Anyway, the weather here is still stickin' hot and muggy and it could get cool and dry any day now to suit me! I have been working on getting rid of all kinds of items at my house that I don't use any more BECAUSE my daughter and her husband are coming back to Iowa for good! She is going to go back to graduate school and he is being transfered (he is a retail manager).  The reason I am purging my material house goods is because they are going to stay with us for a few months BECAUSE they are expecting!!! I am going to be grandmother! I am over the moon! The crazy part is that they have two cats and I have seven! We are going to build on an addition to the house just for the cats (just kidding)!

I have had some time to do some stitching and I've listed a few of the items on my eBay auction site.  Some of them (including Old Salem) I'm sharing with you here.  Hope you all have a great day of kitty cuddling and crafting!


  1. Congrats on becoming a grandma! It's the greatest...I have 1 grandson and just love him to death!!


  2. Thanks, Brenda. It will be a great, fun adventure!

  3. Wow! Nine cats in one house! You'd better build that addition! Congrats on the grandbaby. I'm sure she/he will be thoroughly spoiled! Love the new candle mat.


  4. Thanks, Dee! Thankfully, seven of them are very well behaved! But we do have a large, enclosed porch where the kitties hang out for most of the day when then weather is nice (and also a large unfinished basement). I'm so excited about having my daughter home! She has been away for over 5 years!

  5. I just love Old Salem......great job!! ~~~~Cathy~~~~

  6. Oh I am so loving your kitty crafting..:) I love your work..I can't wait to do our swap..and anything else you are tossing out the door..just let me know..have a great wednesday..;)

  7. Congratulations ~ what a wonderful new adventure!
    Grandchildren bring such joy!!

    Sweet blessings,

  8. Congratulations!! How fun for you! It'll be so nice to have them close to you.

    Your hand mades are adorable! I'm sure you'll have no problem selling them, especially for the kitty lovers out there.


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