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Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday

Hi All,
Yes, I'm still here and so are my kitties. We have been busy rearranging the house getting ready for my daughter and her husband to arrive in two weeks.  I am almost ready to move my craft room upstairs and should be back sewing in a few days (I can't wait). Until then, I leave you with some kitty humor (if you don't aleast smile, my apologies for having a really bad Monday!).


  1. too funny..I have not seen that photo before..can't wait to see all the re-arranging you have done and see you back in the craft room sewing;) have a good one...are we still on for the wool swap?

  2. Just happened upon your blog and saw my Fourth of July Basket! I've got Hexagon Ornaments of the Week Posting every Monday, Come on by and check them out. Cyndi


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