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Monday, September 27, 2010


"The acorn becomes an oak by means of automatic growth; no commitment is necessary. The kitten similarly becomes a cat on the basis on instinct ... but a man or woman becomes fully human only by his or her choices and his or her commitment to them ... people attain worth and dignity by the multitude of decisions they make from day to day. These decisions require courage." ~ Rollo May

Yes, my mind in on acorns this evening! Raking acorns, that is! That is what I did after work today. Raked up bags and bags of acorns. Whereare all the squirrels???? Obviously, not in my yard.  My pin oak had a bumper crop of acorns this year and I'm sure I'm not done with all the raking, but on the bright side I think I worked off maybe a calorie or two!  I also finished up a little acorn wool pillow tonight that I've listed on my eBay site based on a freebie pattern from Bird Brain Designs.  I used some of the wool that I coffee stained and baked that I talked about in my last post.
Lastly, does anyone know anything that a person could DO with acorns??? I'd be glad to hear about it!
 Smiles and Sweet Dreams Tonight.


  1. Cute Acorn Pillow! I love the colors.

  2. Love your little wool pillow! We have 2 pin oaks in our front yard and the squirrels sure have been digging up our yard burying their acorns.


  3. Love the pillow but I don't know anything about acorns...cept that squirrels are supposed to like them. I like your wool ones :-)

  4. I love your pillow..please send me some of those could drill a hole through them and make a garland with them...use them in your glue one to a hang tag and add to your pillows..:)

  5. I too love your pillow - the lady who owned our home before we bought it loved oaks and we have many of them. The squirrels and crows take their share of acorns, but I pick what I need off the ground. I use them in bowls of potporri. I love the ideas that Gina (of Cat Nap Inn Primitives) gave you. Going to make a garland tomorrow! And what a cute idea to make a hang tag for your wonderful pillows.

  6. Love your Pillow so cute:) Im trying to bring a little of that sort of thing to the UK. I found your Blog through 'The homespun Loft' currently the only place I can get decent homespun. Gonna add myself to your Follower list

  7. Your acorn pillow is lovely. I too love gathering acorns during fall walks in my small community. It's a fall tradition for me.

  8. I really like your acorn pillow, keep up the nice work. If your were near by, I would give you a ton of acorns and herd of squirrels to go along with them. LOL!!! Those guys are cute but they are planting little oak trees in my front yard and messing up my lawn. They forget to come back and get the acorns they buried in the Fall.
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