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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wool, Crafts, and My Kitchen!

FINALLY! I have had some down time to do a little wool dyeing, sew a little and just plain relax! 

I haven't dyed any wool in ages and was really wanting to try the method that Cath's Pennies Designs talked about in one of her recent blog entries.  I took a section of a vintage wool blanket I had that was sort of a dirty linen color and viola! a lovely aged color I call "coffeeshop" (I have a habit of naming my wool colors, don't know why since I don't really sell them).  Here is picture of the wool soaking in its soap bath and then the final result! Thanks, Cath, for this method! Its super easy and extremely easy to clean up!
This wool is really a great color! It just came out dark in the photo! I also dyed some more wool and tried a mottling effect that I learned from The Woolen Needle ladies.
I really need to get some wool dyed green (I'm running low) so I will probably be making my rounds to the thrift stores soon to see if I can find any quality wool clothing or wool blankets to recyle!  BTW, I didn't use any dyes fancier that RIT to dye my wool.  Maple Leaves and Harvest started out as a pink wool. I overdyed them using yellow dye to get the "Harvest" color and used yellow dye and then chocolate brown to get the "Old Maple leaves" color. The  "Cranberry Ice" was done with pink wool overdyed using chocolate brown RIT dye and the "November Sky" was created from a dirty linen color wool overdyed with kelly green RIT. "Fudge Swirl" was made from the dirty linen color wool overdyed with chocolate brown RIT. I love dying wool as I am never sure what I will end up with because you never know how the wool will take up the dyes!

Since I've shown you a photo of my stove, I thought you might like to see photos of the rest of my kitchen.  Almost everything in the photos are "make do"! The pine hutch came from a friend's garage sale; the hoosier cabinet came from my hubbies farm and was in pieces when he began to work on it. The oak table is from an old farm house. Two of the oak chairs are from an auction and the other two my hubby found on the side of the road and refinished! The high chair I recently got at an auction and the same is true of most of the crockery! The spice cabinet was in a tool shed on my hubby's farm until I claimed it! Enjoy my humble abode!

Well, it will soon be that time of year when the lawn doesn't call my name any more (just the snow shovel now and then when it snows) so my crafting time is pickin up again. I was able to sew some things and get them listed on eBay and also get some patterns cut out (and I also got all my laundry done too!!!!).  Have fun browsing through some of my finished items and come back later to see if I've found any new giveaways for you to enter!  Blessings and have a wonderful week.


  1. oh I loved all of that dyed wool..can you show me the colors I am getting in the swap..cause I am loving these fall colors just as much..I love your kitchen and love the it.:) I spy some longaberger too.:>) I have some as well..glad you got caught up..I love the things you have made.;) am itching to make my chair pads..but want that wool that you are sending;)let me know about the trade.. I have listed my cat pillows on etsy...:)

  2. Charming kitchen and dining area! I have one of the spice cabnets with the drawers like yours---I love it. My mother-in-law gave it to me about 44 years ago.

    I have my "roller-skates" on for a few days-- we have company coming from Hendersonville, North Carolina--- and so I am: cooking, baking, cleaning, washing, weeding the flower beds and huffing and puffing!!!

    Then next week I will be at the AQS show here in Des Moines--- I will be working in the Fon's and Porter booth and looking forward to this wonderful quilt show--- Catch ya in about a week! Carolyn

  3. Love your new works of art! The wool you dyed is also very delicious! What fun things you have found to make your home inviting and warm.

  4. Love all the pictures of your kitchen areas! I also collect the blue plates! I especially like the pillow with the witch's feet! Great job! You are so creative! Linda

  5. Your kitchen is delightful ~ filled with treasures and so homey! I love it!

    I also love seeing all of your creativeness ~ it is so inspiring!

    Have a sweet, blessed day!

  6. Yay for coffee staining! I'm so glad to see that you gave it a try. I still use Rit dye sometimes too! I like the orange mixed with browns or tans to get that nice rusty pumpkin color. I love your Maple Leaves color ... excellent way to use a pink wool blanket.

  7. Love your kitchen and dining room areas!! I see some really cute the one with the black cat sitting on it.
    I love working with wool, but I've never tried coffee staining before...your dyed wool looks awesome.


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