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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Browsing Tonight!

Since I was having trouble nodding off tonight, I thought I would do some Internet browing using the words "autumn wool penny rugs" to see if I could find anything new and interesting and came across a newer blog called "The Wooden Acorn" ... its a great little blog filled with Valerie's wool stitching! She does a wonderful job. Visit her at and see some of her creations!

From the Wooden Acorn Blogspot!

I like to spend time browsing on the Web looking for new ideas, new designers, and new crafters.  I think we learn an awful lot from each other when we share!

Tonight I also stopped in at The Woolen Needle's site and found a great pattern I like called "For Every Season" and its their own Woolen Needle design. These gals have a wonderful store which is only about 20 minutes from where I live.  I get most of my "special" wool from them and would spend all my time there if I could. They have a great little store. You can find this pattern at I might treat myself to it and the wool for my birthday which is right around the corner!

For Every Season Pattern by the Woolen Needle
Well, I feel sleep coming on and so I'm going to give in! Hope you all sleep well tonight!


  1. Both are darling and look like they would be fun to make. Thanks for sharing! I am ready for fall how about you?

  2. Wow! thanks for sharing the websites. Loved them both and had to buy a pattern from the Wooden Acorn. Hope you got rewarded with some sleep :-)


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