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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to Normal (Almost)!

Well, good evening all! I spent a nice, restful day at home today because, after two months, I finally went to see the doctor about an ear ache I've been having off and on (for about two months!) Well, it turns out I had a low-grade fever, a sinus infection, an ear infection (both ears), and an infection in my eustachion tubes (which is why I couldn't hear really well, either). So, I had a lovely day with all my antibiotics and such.  I don't know why I put it off so long, except that it didn't hurt all the time (just most of the time!).

Anyway, I had a lovely surprise in the mail today. Cath from Cath's Pennies sent me one of her patterns! I just love it and will have to sew it up real soon. Thanks, Cath! I'll be sending you a little something in the mail soon as a thank you!. Isn't this just the cutest penny rug! You can find her blog and patterns at

I have finally, almost, just about finished moving all my sewing stuff back upstairs to our computer room and in the process have cleaned house. I now have quite the tidy sewing area and a lot of stuff for my garage sale in September!!! I even have had some time to sew lately and have listed a few of the finished items on eBay. They are not my own design (except for what I've named them! One I call "Jack's Hat" and the other "Cro'ween"). The ideas for these two little Halloween pillows came from an online wholesale catalog.  I also cut out another pattern that I'm going to be working on tonight as I watch TV.  Hope you all have a great evening and remember don't delay in seeing your doctor! It really saves on the prescriptions!

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