Advice Needed!!!!

halloween divider Pictures, Images and PhotosI would love to learn to needle punch, but don't know where to begin! Would any of you have some advice for a beginner?  I would be interested in knowing what supplies I need and advice on an easy beginner's pattern. Thanks in advance!


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm trying to get into needle punching, as well. I bought a few supplies not too long ago and plan on just giving it a whirl this weekend. Here is a google search link I made and it had a lot of videos on it for the process. Not sure it will help you out a lot, but maybe it would help a bit. :-)

    Just copy that and put it into your seach engine and it will take you to a page full of videos.

    Good luck!
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  2. Country Threads is said to have the best tools and most patterns. They could probably direct you well. I got very tempted with Punch Needle at the recent quilt show but I'm going to resist a little while longer.
    You will love it, I am sure!

  3. I'd suggest that you just draw yourself a simple design on weaver's cloth and start with that. I use a cameo punch needle. I'd get the ultra punch 3-needle set. We used the small needle with one strand of pearl cotton in the class I took. Once you learn to thread the needle (the video would probably help) it was pretty simple. We used a hoop that sat on the table or in your lap, rather than a single hoop held in your hand. The main thing I found to be most important is to stretch the fabric in the hoop as tight as you possibly can...tighter than you think you can! It should make a "pop" sound when you punch. Once you get the rhythm going, your loops will be even and it is fun. It is similar to rug hooking in that you don't want your rows too close together or the project will curl. Take the cloth out of the hoop when you aren't punching is another tip I remember. Good luck!

  4. Start out with a very easy pattern and go from there---I don't do that type of stitching but I know a lot of quilter's that love it.

    Maybe you can find a vidio demo regarding how too on "Google" ---usually we can find anything anymore there!

    Carolyn :)

  5. Did you find any instructions? I punch with a Cameo needle and I have their instruction booklet if you would like it. I could drop it in the mail.
    I know you can buy the needle from punch needle marketplace. If you order one, be sure to order a few extra threaders. Better to have extra than to not have one. They can be easily misplaced (read lost!).
    Like Linda said, the tighter you can get the fabric in the hoop, the better. I just use a hand held lip-lock hoop and it works just fine.
    You can check out my blog to see a some things I have punched. I only use the 6 strand method.
    Any questions or if you would like the booklet, give me a shout.
    Pug hugs :)


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