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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swap Goodies and New eBay Items!

Scaredy cats are always welcome at my house!

The weekend is coming to a close and tomorrow is another work day! Sigh, how I wish I could retire and spend my time doing what I love ... crafting, baking, sewing, and decorating.  Someday ... but just not today.  My weekend was lovely, beautiful weather and I got a chance to relax. Finished a lousy book (somehow I couldn't put it down, but I will not buy its sequel) and started a great book by author Steve Alten called the "Grim Reaper" ... somehow seems appropriate for the season, no?

On Saturday, I received some swap goodies from a good blog friend, Gina! She swapped for some of my hand dyed wool. She made two autumn hand towels, two Halloween pillows from vintage Halloween post card fabric, a absolutely adorable kitty purse, and some great smelling wax ornies. Scroll down to see what she sent and where they have found a home in my house.  She makes the neatest stuff and has great ideas! Please visit her at Cat Nap Inn Primitives.  

I also had some time to sew a little turkey pincushion and an acorn pillow that I've listed on my eBay site.

I made a trip to Goodwill, too, to see if I could find any wool garments that I could recycle to add to my wool stash! I was really lucky, I found several black wool skirts and a cream colored wool skirt and a checked blue wool skirt. They are all 100% wool and so should felt nicely when I wash and dry them.  The cream and blue wool will be used for some winter penny rugs and the black wool will be for some of my signature kitties ... so stayed tuned, there might even be a giveaway coming up in December from Cat Haven Crafts!

Haven't received the Feliway for the cats yet, but I did go to PetCo and find some homeopathic drops to put in their water bowl that seem to help them all get along.  I'll give it two weeks and then if its still working, I'll post about it.

Well, my eyes are getting heavy and the kitties are already making themselves at home in my bed ... so that means its time to turn in too.  Hope all is well out there with you all and that your kitties are having sweet kitty dreams.


  1. Nice goodies!!! That turkey looks familiar..ha ha ha. My kitties are alittle mad that we were not around for them this weekend...oh well ...they will get over it and be happy. They enjoyed a box on the livingroom floor..great toy!!

  2. Hey Laurie, I love where you put everything..looks awesome!!! please let me know about the drops for the kittys..I have 4 indoors and they tolerate each other...have a great week ahead..;)

  3. You got some great goodies from Gina!! Everything looks great where you displayed them.


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