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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween and Cats!

Hi All! I've been very busy with no time to post.  Have had a very sick kitty for the past month. Kezzie has had a very hard time. First, he had some type of trauma to his jaw and had to have all his teeth pulled from the left side of his jaw including his incisors and then had to have his tongue repaired.  We don't know what happened (he doesn't go outside?) He is a jumper and likes to get up in high places and we think he hit something when he was jumping down from a high place.  He came through this like a trooper.  Then last weekend he started with some behavior that usually signifies a UTI so off the the vet he went again this Tuesday.  Seems he has a bladder stone ... his bladder is the size of a walnut and the stone was the size of a marble so he was really uncomfortable.  Came through the surgery fine and brought him home last night.  He is having trouble getting to the litter box so he is being confined to one of our bathrooms much against his will.  I am going to call the vet to see if this is normal after surgery.  After all this expense, I've decided to get cat medical insurance for my cats.  I've signed up Kezzie and Oscar so far and will get the rest on board over the next few months.  I checked out several companies and the one I chose was the easiest on my pocket book.  I've got a $250 deductible for each cat and then a co-pay of 30%. This way I can recoup some of their medical expenses for illnesses, routine check-ups, vaccines, and dental cleanings.  The company I went with is PurinaCare

Now a little about Halloween and cats from my Vet's office:  He suggests keeping your little furry babies indoors on Halloween, especially our little black kitties.  You might want to keep your kitties in another room with the door closed when opening the front door for your trick or treaters so they don't run outside.  Use candles around kitties with caution - they could either get burned or knock the candle over and start a fire (this happened to someone in my church recently from a kitty knocking over a candle in the bathroom).  Also, candy or gum sweetened with xylitol is toxic to kitties.  And remember all forms of chocolate can be harmful potentially resulting in poisoning or even pancreatic inflammation from the high fat content.

I hope you all have a great weekend ... I have a thousand chores to finish outside before it gets too cold, so you know where I will be this weekend.  Happy stitching and Happy Halloween.


  1. Oh poor kitty....he's had a time of it!! Great post also on Halloween reminders for cat owners!!

  2. I hope Kezzie gets well soon...poor kitty. I will keep my kitties in on Halloween, just in case. It is raining cats and dogs here. Have a happy halloween!

  3. I love love your header with the kitty..also I hope your kitty heals quickly..I hate seeing mine in any kind of discomfort..we had a kitty whose urine crystilized and he couldn't go pee for a couple of days..we got him in in the nick of time and he lived with us for just shy of 18 years..also on the pet insurance beware..we had that pet insurance (can't remember the name) and it was through our vet..well they decide what they will treat or not..we even sent a letter from our vet to this insurance because they wouldn't treat something that the doctor had yet to diagnos and it was on going of what she had.. they treated it once and then wouldn't after was a huge waste of money so we dropped just keep an eye on that..we always put our kittys away at night and especially early on halloween because of the traffic etc..Thanks for the wonderful tips as we always need to be reminded..:) I hope you and yours enjoy the weekend.;)

  4. Poor Kezzie! Kidney stones are the worst and to have that added to his jaw troubles is too much. I sure hope he is able to feel better soon. Meows and woofs from my crew here.
    Thanks for the safety tips for the felines. My black kitty is only allowed out for awhile in the mornings and mid day all the time...she turns too 'wild' after dark and won't come in till too late! Halloween is a day for inside all day even though our neighborhood doesn't seem to have anything going on anyway. We just feel better knowing she is safe inside.
    Love the banner kitty!

  5. I like your website. I'm going to send the link to my cousin who is crazy about cats.

  6. from one cat lover and crafter to another..LOVE YOUR BLOG!


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