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Monday, November 01, 2010


Good Monday Morning All! Hope your Halloween was fun and very spooky! Ours was kind of quiet.  My mom and dad came up to visit and mom said "Don't buy any Halloween candy, I have tons, and I'll bring mine." So okay! Great plan. Mom and dad arrive late Sunday afternoon about 1 hour before trick or treat time begins. Mom says "I forgot the candy." Oh well, so we look around the house to see if there is anything we can give out as treats - granola bars, bananans, oranges .... nothing. So mom answers the door for the first little girl and says we don't have any candyand gives her a dollar. The little girl's eyes get big when she see the money and says "Gee, thanks, maam!!"  Since we didn't want to go broke we then turned off the porch light.  Thankfully no one came back and egged the house!

Kezzie report.  Kezzie did well over the weekend but it still exhibiting signs of a blockage so I am going to take him back to the vet after work today, so please keep your fingers crossed for him that it's just the effect of surgery and not something else.  Thanks bunches!!!

And now for the free pattern! This cute little "kitty coaster" pattern was in my free issue of Creative Times
• Cotton fabrics of your choice, 2 rectangles 8” x 6” for each Kitty Coaster
• Warm and Natural batting, 1 rectangle 8” x 6” for each Kitty Coaster
• Ruler, marker pen, scissors, needle and thread, tacky glue (optional)
• Thin Ribbon or Raffia or Perle Cotton and ¼” rusty bells (optional)
• Trace kitty pattern  onto card stock or cardboard.
Cut out your Kitty shape. You will make a “sandwich” layering warm and natural, with right sides together from 2 of the same rectangles of cotton fabrics. The wrong side of your cotton fabric should be facing you. Trace your Kitty pattern onto the wrong side of the top fabric. Your tracing line is your sewing line. Stitch, leaving opening at bottom of layers as indicated on your pattern. Trim seam, and carefully turn right side out. The warm and natural should now be in the middle of the two fabrics and inside the Kitty. You might need to use a chop stick or other small tool to turn the ears! Press. Whip stitch the opening at the bottom of the kitty closed. Top stitch ¼” from the edges all around the Kitty. Add bow or raffia (with tacky glue) or stitch a small rusty bell (optional) as indicated on Kitty pattern. Finished! These Kitty Coasters would make great teachers’ gifts, hostess gifts or make upa bunch using fabrics for each holiday or occasion throughout the year.

Take care and don't forget to hug your kitty today!


  1. Very cute coasters! Thank you for the pattern :-) Love and chin scratches to Kezzie. I am praying he'll be feeling better soon. Good idea for the recheck with the vet.

  2. Cute coasters-they would make a nice addition to a gift basket! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Cute coasters and thank you for the pattern.

    Also, thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment :) Carolyn

  4. I hope Kezzie is better! Cute coaster pattern...I want to make so many things, but I have to contain myself....there is never enough time.

  5. What a cute coaster! I think it might be something my daughter would enjoy making! Thank you!



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