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Monday, November 15, 2010

More Gnome Kitties

Hi All, hope your Monday was wonderful! Things for me were a little weird at work today, but now I'm home and can get stitchin'.
Here are a few more gnome kitty pictures I hope you will enjoy.

I also had a little time to stitch up a wool candle mat from a design by Primitive Gatherings.  I love the bright colors in this! It was really fun to stitch up and you can find it at my eBay auction site - cat_tales_booksandprims
Don't have much else tonight, gotta go get supper ready!
Take care and hug those kitties! 


  1. HAHAHA I just adore the pictures of the kitties! Too funny!

  2. Those pics are hysterical!!! Waaay to cute!

  3. OK those are too funny! There will be a million hits on the internet now for viewing. Be prepared for stardom :-)

  4. oh your gnome kittys are the cats meow!!! they look cats wouldn't be this calm I don't your candle mat..did you get your package yet?

  5. Your cats are soo silly, love those hats, lol.
    I am driving myself nuts trying to work up something for a swap and getting nothing done, maybe I am over thinking it.


  6. By the looks of things, I think your cats are saying "there's no place like gnome." They look so darn comfortable!

  7. The pictures are adorable. And I love the candle mat. It's so colorful.

  8. Oh my goodness, those photos of your kitties in their gnome hats are just too precious. How adorable. I got a very good giggle out of it. Thank you. And your candle mat is just so pretty.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  9. Those pics are way too funny - I can't stop laughing - so cute! Thanks for sharing - your little mat is great too!


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