Louie the Gnome Kitty

Yesterday, my daughter had another OB appointment and found out that everything is A-OK with her and baby boy.  We even got to see his profile on the ultrasound!  He is set to arrive end of January/beginning of February! In a family of girls, he is our first boy and we can't wait! We are having so much fun visiting all the great thrift stores here for baby clothes -- What deals on hardly worn items!  He already has a better wardrobe that I do. 

Molly has been feeling a lot better and is knitting away ... she has made baby boy one sweater already, and several hats.  Here is Louie modeling one of the little gnome hats.  We may have to make one for Louie as he seemed to really enjoy wearing it!

It has been a long week for me and my fibromyalgia has kicked up (I am trying to kick it back) so I hope to have a restful weekend (its supposed to rain here and that usually inspires me to sew and read).  Hope you all have a great time the next few says and as always, love to see what you make and hear from you! May the fabric always be with you!


  1. Louie is so cute !! Glad mom and baby boy are doing good !

  2. oh Louie is absolutely adorable.;) great to hear about your new grandbaby.;)have a wonderful weekend and kick that fibro out of here;)

  3. What a cute little gnome Louie makes!!!!

  4. Nothing better than a rainy weekend to encourage nesting.Louie is so sweet.I used to dress boo up more but mung always trys to use him as a tug of war when he's got outfits on.Congrats on the first boy.Harvest blessings!~Amy

  5. How exciting that your daughter is having a baby boy!! And Louie makes a cute gnome!! ^.^

  6. I just love your blog and all the things you share. The knitted hat is adorable and your Mr. Louie models it so well!

    I love the rainy days too, especially for sewing!

  7. Oh, that's wonderful that all is well with your daughter and grandbaby on the way, and pretty darned soon, too. How exciting. A boy amongst many girls. Bless his heart. :-) I love the gnome hat and it looks wonderful on Louie! LOL

    Oh dear, I feel for you. I have fibromyalgia too and it's been a mighty mean bear as of late. I sure hope you feel better right soon.

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  8. Awesome news about your daughter and grandbaby boy. I had that nasty ole toxemia with my firstborn, but we made it through.
    Well, it's rainy here too and PMSing. LOL. So the guys are keeping their distance:) I sure hope you get to feeling better quick. Look up and ask for help:)

  9. So glad your dd and grandbaby are doing ok. Love that gnome kitty. Too cute! Also really like the Thanksgiving cat picture an the saying. How true that is!


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