New Year's Resolutions

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a safe and happy New Year!  One of MY new year's resolutions is to get back to crafting soon, but the only one I think I can keep! However, I asked my kitties what resolutions they would make for 2011 and here's what they had to say!

• I will not puff my entire body to twice its size for no reason after my human has finished watching a scary movie.

• I will not help myself to Q-tips, and I must certainly not proceed to stuff them down the sink's drain.

• I will not lean way over to drink out of the tub, fall in, and then pelt into the box of clumping cat litter.

• I will not use the bathtub to store live mice for late-night snacks.

• I will not play Herd of Thundering Wildebeests Stampeding Across the Plains of the Serengeti over my humans' bed while she’s trying to sleep.

• I will not try to leap through closed windows to catch birds outside. If I forget this and bonk my head on the window and fall behind the couch in my attempt, I will not get up and do the same thing again.

• I will not stick my paw into any container to see if there is something in it. If I do, I will not hiss and scratch when my human has to shave me to get the rubber cement out of my fur.

• I will not check every door when it rains because I will believe my human that it will be raining on all sides of the house.

• Birds do not come from the bird feeder. I will not knock it down and try to open it up to get the birds out.

• I will not play "dead cat on the stairs" when my human is trying to bring in groceries or laundry, or else one of these days, it will really come true.

• I will not swat my human's head repeatedly when she's on the family room floor trying to do sit ups.

• When my human puts me into the Cage Of Death for a trip to the vet, I will not try to use my own urine as a corrosive agent as it will not eat through the cage walls.

• Dry cat food is both tasty and nutritious, and it is always available. I will not starve myself and act pitiful all day long in anticipation of the canned food.

• I will not walk on the keyboard when my human is writing important emiognaioerp ga3qi4 taija3tgv aa35 a.

• I will not eat spider plants and then hallucinate behind the toilet.

• I will not soak my catnip toys in the toilet to make tea.

Cheers to you all and give your kitties a little milk on New Year's eve!  See you in 2011!


  1. oh you are soooo funny...I loved reading the kittehs new years resolutions...they crack me up..hey did you still want to do a swap for more of your sweet wool fabric?

  2. I love this post!! Very funny!! Thanks for sharing your kitties resolutions.


  3. Oh, how funny! My cat needs to make this
    resolution...I will not run out the front door and make my Mommy chase me all over the neighborhood! Which I just did! Happy New Year to you, too!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  4. Oh I'm going to be laughing all nite at this ! How true! Loved it!

  5. Cute post!! My daughter had to move back home this past year and she has two her and I can relative to your kitties New Year resolutions.

  6. Read this to hubby and we are both laughing our buts off.Tooo true for any cat owner.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Oh my gosh those kitty resolutions are too funny and too real!!!
    Happy New Year!

  8. I am laughing hard!! I have always had cats that act just like yours!! It most be A Cat Thing!!! Thanks for the laugh!! Hope the Kitties can stick to that list ... Happy New Year!

  9. That was sooooo funny!!!! Can I add:
    I will not open my catnip bag on mommy's pillow!
    I will get along with other cats in house!
    Live mice are not good gifts to give mommy!
    and.....I will not walk on the car and leave muddy paw prints.

  10. OK, I have no kitties because I am highly allergic to them, but this made me laugh out loud! You are one highly creative kitty master. :) Thanks for the smile!

  11. Hahaha that is a funny post and set me up for the New Year already.
    May you and your kittie's keep all your resolutions (it be probably easier for you then them)

  12. ROFL!!!! Oh my gosh, Laurie, Fantastic post! My husband and I were just sitting here in the living room laughing like crazy. Very funny, and very, very true. We have four cats and can definitely relate to more then a few of those resolutions. ;-)
    I hope you're doing well and that you will have a wonderful New Year.


  13. Hahahaha! My fur babies are guilty of several of those. That's cute:) I'm not making a bunch of resolutions either. I'm already craving chocolate:)


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