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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grandma was Plump!

Today while looking for a cute Thanksgiving blinky for by blog, I came across this one.  It caught my eye because having your loved ones homes is such a blessing but the other reason was because it reminded me of my dear Grandma Mary.  She was a jolly (plump) woman who loved her sons and grandkids.  She loved to cook for us and she did enjoy her cooking! If you asked for ham for a Sunday dinner, you got ham and roast beef! Same with pies and cookies.  She lead a wonderful and simple life with very little but lived with love and thankfulness.  This got me to thinking ... when did "grandmas" have to stop looking like the one shown here and had to start looking like Joan Collins? 

She looked so huggable and I loved hugging her! Her plumpness was so comforting and reassuring.  That's what I remember most about her and how she loved us and her wonderful smile.  I certainly thought she was beautiful because of this.  Maybe this is how our grandchildren should remember us and not our waist size? It's something to think about.


  1. That's funny you say that...I've always thought the "perfect" grandma was Aunt Bea on the Andy Griffith show....I only knew one grandmother (as the other had passed long before I was born) - and she was grandmother to so many that she didn't feel like "my" grandma most of the time - but she was such a petite little thing, most of us towered over her before we reached our mid-teens. I vote for the Aunt Bea look. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. I agree! Women never used to be afraid of growing older. They welcomed each stage of life & what it had to offer. Somehow getting older has gotten a stigma about it & with all the plastic surgery being done it's often difficult to know if someone is a grandma or not although most times you can spot a surgically-altered woman a mile away. I've actually known women (& men!) who won't allow their children to call them grandma or grandpa because it makes them sound "old" ... they make up some silly name for the kids to call them even though it doesn't change matters one bit. It's very sad. My one grandma was stocky & my other grandma was plump. Both were sweet, Godly women. I never got to know them really well ... one died when I was 9 & the other lived far away & died when I was a teenager (I only saw her a couple of times in my life) but they were sweet, kind, loving Christian women & I wish they were here for me to visit with now. Oh my ... I'm sorry ... I've rambled on a lot, haven't I ... lol! Anyway, again I will say I agree with you : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  3. I love your post. I had the blessing of having both of my Grandmas and I loved them so much. They were very a professional woman, the other a family caregiver. Both were not ashamed of their plumpness. I do try to think about the power of a woman who is comfortable with their age (and perhaps, slightly plumper size). I have been without these two women for about 25 years, and I miss them just as strongly as when they first passed. Actually, as I grieve the "femme fatale" that I might have been, LOL, I look forward to being the comfortable Grammy to my future grandkids!

  4. Oh my goodness, that graphic brought back so many memories of my grandma, my mother's mother. She was soft and plump and sweet-smelling, and made the best darned biscuits and sweet tea in the South.

    Thanks so much for prompting those memories!


  5. Oh yes, this reminded me so much of my mother...she was always cooking like this and yes she too was plump and "beautiful" in so many ways!

    What a great post...thanks!



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