My First Hooked Rug

I actually did some crafting while I've been away.  I have been trying my hand at rug hooking.  A few years ago I purchased a hooking frame and other accessories and they had been sitting around.  Well, I wanted to craft around little Henry, but I didn't want to worry about losing pins and needles when hand sewing, so I thought I could make up a simple hooked rug pattern and try out my talents as a hooker (LOL).  The pattern I came up with was inspired by a hooked rug I saw somewhere based on one of the verses from "Simple Gifts" (tis a gift to be simple). I thought that was pretty neat and decided I'd like one that said "tis a gift to be free."  So here it is, my first attempt at rug hooking!

It really was a make-do kind of project as I used wool that I already had in stash from my wool kitty projects and penny rugs.  I learned a few things (especially what not to do) and made another one very similar to it and just a tad bigger for my mom's birthday.

Here it is hanging on my Americana wall.  I am thinking of making another one for the local American Legion's (I'm an auxillary member) auction this fall.  We use the money raised to send community teens to summer camp.

I have another hooked rug project I'm currently working on -- wanted to get it done this spring but the gardening took over! It will be a nice thing to work on when hubby and I go on vacation up north in a few days!

As far as my cats go, they LOVE playing with the wool strips whenever I'm  not looking.  Here are Louie and Oscar looking very innocent and lazy basking in the breeze on the screened in porch. What a life ... they are always on vacation!  Well, I wish you all a lovely weekend full of fun times and quality stitching.


  1. You did a beautiful job on your hooked rug, nicely done and great wools.


  2. Wonderful job! I'm currently whipping the edges of my first completed rug. Newbie hookers are we! :-)

  3. Fantastic job on your very first rug and LOVE the saying! Keep that hook a flying!

  4. How neat and a great project for July! Love your hooked rug.

  5. Love this little mat! Wonderful first rug!

  6. Wonderful job on your first rug!!! Woo Hoo!! Welcome to Hookers Anonymous! ;o) But, oh - those kitties steal the show....Makes me wanna rub a tummy or two....(I know, I know, they really don't like that so much - but I can't resist. The fur is the softest there...) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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