Robin's Chick Named Elvis

I really had no plans to post today for many reasons but mainly because I can't find my SD card for my camera! But I was reading Robin's blog (The Cranky Crow) about a chick named Elvis and found out she had won a subscription to a magazine called "FOLK". I was intrigued with the magazine's name, so I though I would check it out. 

I really liked what I saw and joined their blog and ordered a magazine to see what "Folk" is all about.  If you want to read about real American life (their motto) then pick up this magazine.  Here' what they say about it - 'Devoted to presenting a fresh and youthful interpretation of simple country lifestyles.We are all about REAL AMERICAN LIVING: the country, sweet tea, indie music, antiques, road trips, small towns, comfort, home, artists, locally grown and locally made, supporting small businesses and main streets, one-of-a-kind art, open spaces, photography, patriotism, simple living.... and the little things.' Sounds great, doesn't it?! Thanks again, Robin for posting about this! I'm excited to receive my first magazine.

So, Happy Friday, friends! Sending best regards and leaving you with a little more cat humor for the day.


  1. Well, welcome back you!!! You've been missed! :o) I thought I saw your blog name popping up here and there again lately.... But what an adorable reason to be away! I just want to play with his curls! Your gardening efforts look great....I do a lot of container gardening as well - but mostly flowers; although I do have a little herb patch with some peppers thrown in for good measure. That was so sweet of you to mention my post....I can't wait to get my first issue....and, gee, I just might have to hunt down that cat poem book. With a title like that, how can one resist??? Have a great weekend - and again, welcome back! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Thanks for the welcome back! I've missed you all too. Henry does keep me hoping!


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