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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Little bit of "Cat Speak"

I really liked this email I got from  Farmers Alamanac today and since many of you are fellow cats lovers, I thought  I’d pass some of this advice on to you!

·       If my ears are hard forward, I’m alert, interested, ready to move (maybe even jump, pounce or run).
·       If my ears are forward but relaxed, I am also relaxed, aware of my surroundings but not alarmed.
·       When my ears are slightly down and to the side, I am very relaxed and happy. I may be even purring.
·       Beware if my ears are back but not flat, I am agitated, threatened, may jump or run away.
·       Uh oh! Caution … if my ears are flat back on my head, I am very angry, threatened, and/or frightened.

·       If my tail is high, relaxed, and waving means I’m relaxed, happy, and confident.
·       If my tail is trailing behind my body but not held low, I’m relaxed but alert.
·       My tail will be held low if I’m being cautious. I may be looking for a safe place, especially if my body is also held low to the ground.
·       Tail bristled (danger, danger, danger, Will Robinson!), I’m not in a good mood and am fearful or aggressive.

·      If I look like a little meat loaf (with my body relaxed, soft, feet tucked under or kneading), I am in “pet-topia” (I am very relaxed).
·       When I roll on my back, I feel very relaxed and trusting. I only do this when I am absolutely confident of safety. I may also be asking you to play or rub my stomach.
·       If my back is arched, I’m on my toes, standing sideways---I am fearful and may fight, but will probably run.
·       However, if my back is arched, and I’m standing face-on---I’m feeling aggressive and will almost certainly fight.

·       If my whiskers are hard forward, I am alert, interested, perhaps see a threat, prey, or food.
·       When my whiskers are back, I am calm, relaxed.
·       When I’m bristling my whiskers, I’m feeling afraid or aggressive!

Tune in tomorrow for a few more “cat-speak” tips!

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  1. Such wonderful and interesting info. Is that beautiful kitty yours? Would love to have one but our Kody (malamute-snow dog) is very possessive. However, he does have a mellow attitude. I really need to convince hubs ... haha!


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