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Monday, August 06, 2012

Rain, Glorius, Rain

Yes! We had rain!!!! On Saturday, we had an "old" time thunderstorm that dumped almost 2" of rain on us.  It was wonderful.  I was at the Amana Colonies with my daughter and grandson when it started to rain. We were having lunch and everyone was going over to the windows and doorway to look at the rain like we had never seen rain before.  It has cooled things off and Sunday was a heavenly day (literally!) and today isn't looking to bad either.

I did finish a little Halloween ornie (will post a photo soon) and have started working on my August Giveaway.  Have been a little slow this month so far doing stitchery because I'm am having a bit of a fibro challenge.  Thankfully, my episodes only last a few weeks or so before the symptoms ease up and I'm make to my "normal."

My moggies were in Petopia last night because I left the door to the screened porch open all night and they could go in and out, in and out, in and out .......!

Hope your week is starting out fantastic! Hugs, Cat Haven Craft House


  1. So glad you had some rain. Isn't it wonderful, things like rain we take for granted.

    Hope you have a good week. I deleted the above comment and reposted. I was signed into my other account.


  2. So glad you had some rain,(we have far too much)
    Hope you feel good soon.
    Hugs Laura x

  3. We got rain for about 5 minutes, lol. My garden needs it, so guess I have to get the hose out.



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