Harvest Your Style

I will say that August has been a challenge! As in ... not time to get all the things done I need to! But I thought that I would take some time out to say "Hi!" and share this picture trail from Country Sample Magazine.  These are pictures and ideas of using antiques/primitives in your autumn decor! They are great ... wish I could use them all.

Take care and have a lovely August day.


Adorable Giveaway at Salmon Falls Prims!

Hurry on over and visit Salmon Falls Prims and take a look at all of Sara's wonderful creations.  Her Etsy Store is full of delightful prims! And don't forget to sign up for her AUGUST GIVEAWAY which ends on the 23rd.  Thanks, Sara, for getting us in the Harvest spirit!

More Rain and an Autumn Crow

I just wanted to pass along, this sweet pattern I cam across at Quilted Crow. It is part of a series of quilt blocks, but I thought it would make a cute pincushin or cubbie pillow.  I may have to order this one myself! And if you live in Massechusetts and you order this weekend, your order will be TAX FREE!

We also had another rain storm last evening! So far this month, we have received a much needed 2.4 inches of rain!!!! I will have to mow the lawn this weekend! 

Hope you all get rain, if you need it! May you have a kitty smile kind of day, too.

A Little Halloween Stitchery Finished

Just a short post today to share one of my finishes! I love making things for Autumn and the pattern for this little Hallows Eve pinkeep is from Primitive Bettys.  I backed it with some re-purposed wool.  Can't wait to add it to my Halloween decorating this year!

Had a little insomnia early this morning and so I was awake to see this spectacular sunrise! We also got some rain out of this "red sky at dawning"!  Have a wonderful day full of kitty kisses!

I Have a New Blog (Re-D0) or Having a Fibromyagical Kind of Day!

Well, I could blame it on "fibro fog" but the simple truth is I don't like to read directions! So, as a result I ended up really messing up my fibromyalgia blog site! So, if you're not too frustrated with me and want to join this new blog of mine, Keep Calm and Fibro On .  I will be putting up a new post there soon about sleep problems/solutions and fibro.  Hope to see you fellow fighters over there.

A Little bit of "Cat Speak"

I really liked this email I got from  Farmers Alamanac today and since many of you are fellow cats lovers, I thought  I’d pass some of this advice on to you!

·       If my ears are hard forward, I’m alert, interested, ready to move (maybe even jump, pounce or run).
·       If my ears are forward but relaxed, I am also relaxed, aware of my surroundings but not alarmed.
·       When my ears are slightly down and to the side, I am very relaxed and happy. I may be even purring.
·       Beware if my ears are back but not flat, I am agitated, threatened, may jump or run away.
·       Uh oh! Caution … if my ears are flat back on my head, I am very angry, threatened, and/or frightened.

·       If my tail is high, relaxed, and waving means I’m relaxed, happy, and confident.
·       If my tail is trailing behind my body but not held low, I’m relaxed but alert.
·       My tail will be held low if I’m being cautious. I may be looking for a safe place, especially if my body is also held low to the ground.
·       Tail bristled (danger, danger, danger, Will Robinson!), I’m not in a good mood and am fearful or aggressive.

·      If I look like a little meat loaf (with my body relaxed, soft, feet tucked under or kneading), I am in “pet-topia” (I am very relaxed).
·       When I roll on my back, I feel very relaxed and trusting. I only do this when I am absolutely confident of safety. I may also be asking you to play or rub my stomach.
·       If my back is arched, I’m on my toes, standing sideways---I am fearful and may fight, but will probably run.
·       However, if my back is arched, and I’m standing face-on---I’m feeling aggressive and will almost certainly fight.

·       If my whiskers are hard forward, I am alert, interested, perhaps see a threat, prey, or food.
·       When my whiskers are back, I am calm, relaxed.
·       When I’m bristling my whiskers, I’m feeling afraid or aggressive!

Tune in tomorrow for a few more “cat-speak” tips!

Rain, Glorius, Rain

Yes! We had rain!!!! On Saturday, we had an "old" time thunderstorm that dumped almost 2" of rain on us.  It was wonderful.  I was at the Amana Colonies with my daughter and grandson when it started to rain. We were having lunch and everyone was going over to the windows and doorway to look at the rain like we had never seen rain before.  It has cooled things off and Sunday was a heavenly day (literally!) and today isn't looking to bad either.

I did finish a little Halloween ornie (will post a photo soon) and have started working on my August Giveaway.  Have been a little slow this month so far doing stitchery because I'm am having a bit of a fibro challenge.  Thankfully, my episodes only last a few weeks or so before the symptoms ease up and I'm make to my "normal."

My moggies were in Petopia last night because I left the door to the screened porch open all night and they could go in and out, in and out, in and out .......!

Hope your week is starting out fantastic! Hugs, Cat Haven Craft House