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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Primitive (first) skills are our shared inheritance. It is the shared thread which links us to our prehistory and binds us together as human beings." ~ Steve Watts
Hello out there! This week has just flown by and I've only just scratched a few items off my "to do" list. I did get a lot of my yard work done but now its time to mow again and its raining! I know many of you out there are animal lovers and rescuers and when I saw these darling printables I thought of you all! (P.S., If you are a legitimate animal rescue organization, MoonlightJourney will donate this sheet to you free of charge.) I've posted the link on my sidebar if you are interested! I've also managed to get a few "crafties" finished and they are listed on my eBay selling site if you are interested.


  1. I love your did/do you make those know I love that kitty one..:) glad you got your work done in the yard..I mowed on tuesday before the rains hit...I swear the rain makes everything grow twice it size..:)

  2. What super cute pin keeps!



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