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Friday, August 27, 2010


Good Friday Everyone! Well, finally the HUGE project at work is DONE! I am also very close to getting my house ready for my daughter and her hubby when they move back home from Oregon the second week of September! They will be staying with us for a few months until they get a place of their own (I'm hoping they stay until after the baby is born!).  So, things are winding down a bit and the lawn isn't growing like its on grass hormones (but alas, this summer's weather has not been kind to my garden) and I may have time to get back to sewing! I have acquired some great new fall patterns, have found some in my stash I'd forgotten about, and have a few ideas for some more of my Cat Tales design sitting kitties - can't wait to get started.

What I wanted to share with you today (especially all you gals out there who are so great with your really primitive designs) is a new magazine that will be out in October. It's called "Prims - The Art of Primtive Dolls" from Stampington & Company. You can order it here at Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy finding out about this new magazine! 

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  1. here I thought it was one of your cute creations put on a magazine..cute magazine..but kind of spendy for only 1 magazine..;) cute ideas though..glad your project is all done cause I have missed you in blog land and miss seeing your wonderful creations that you make.;)


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