Kezzi and Turkeys

Thank you all for your well wishes for Kezzie. The vet gave Kezzie the all clear for a bladder obstruction and sent us home with a medicine to reduce the inflammation to his bladder (sort of Advil for kitties, but not Advil, of course) and gave us more pain meds for him.  It seems to be helping, but we are still having a litter box issue which I hope will resolve as his pain improves.  We have two litter pans (which we clean out each morning) that we put on our shower floor so that he could have a "bathroom" all to himself.  He piddles sometimes in the pan with litter, sometimes in the pan without the litter, and sometimes on the shower floor? So I'm not sure what this is all about yet.  The vet also put him on a strict diet of Hills C/D for cats with bladder problems ... it comes in dry and wet. So he gets both! He loves them! Thankfully, that wasn't too hard especially since he is my Mr. Picky.

Today, Bird Brain designs published this cute little design. I'm thinking I will try to do this in punch needle (waiting for my cameo punch to arrive .... thanks for all the advice, ladies!!!) but it would also look cute in wool applique or embroidery.   Click here for the free pattern.


  1. glad to hear your sweet kitty is improving..have a wonderful day.:)

  2. I hope your little cat feels better soon.

    As for your adorable to be project....I vote for wool applique and embroidery, mix it up, however punchneedle sound fun too. What ever are you going to do?!? I better stop confusing you. :-)

  3. Anyway you decide to stitch this darling
    "let's Gobble" or do both will be fun! I received this freebie pattern from their email yesterday. So cute!

    Hope "Kezzie" keeps on improving. Such a little cutie!

    Carolyn :)


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